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One of the things I have learnt with my experience of designing my website is that there is a lot that doesn’t meet the eye. A lot of effort goes on behind the scenes to make a website successful. Therefore, I have come up with a few pointers for you to attract people to your website.

Give people a reason to come back: Your website should be prepared to handle high and low traffic just like any other business. Your aim should be to provide people fresh and interesting content that will compel them to come back.

Give your Customers a Voice: Add forums to your website so that people have a chance to comment on the content. This will allow you to measure their opinion whilst creating an interactive environment for the customers.

Respond to Your Customers ASAP: An excellent way of making people return to your website is by replying to their emails and comments immediately. This will show your customer that you value their time and opinions.

Free Giveaways: Who doesn’t love getting something nice for free? Rewards your customers for the best comment or for subscribing to your website. You can also set a date for the announcement of the winner which will make the customers come back to your website.

Design a Newsletter: Giving customers a weekly or even monthly newsletter that gives them news and tips will keep customers coming back to your website.

The Power of Social Media: Linking your website to social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter will help customers

URL Promotion: Add your URL to interesting comments you leave on other forums or on popular websites that people visit often.

Tell a Friend: Add friend referrals to your website and offer a reward to the customer who has the most friends subscribe to your website.

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