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My E-Marketing professor, introduced me to one of the best tools for optimizing a website.  The marketing grader is user friendly and helps you understand what you are doing right and which sections need improvement.

By simply adding your website URL on, you can get a full report of your website and cool pointers to help your website come up more often in results! The report also gives you links, that offer you help on the advice provided. For example, when I first entered my website URL, marketing grader suggested that I needed a landing page to improve on the search results for my website. I didn’t know what a landing page was and all I had to do was click on an external link that took me to a website which explained what a landing page is and how to build it.

Marketing grader helps direct more traffic to your website and gives you a clear understanding of what works and doesn’t work for your website. In my opinion, marketing grader is one of the most useful and fastest ways of getting your website in good shape    

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