For one of my E-Marketing classes, we went over some useful tools for finding keywords for a website. These tools helped me understand how I can optimize my website so that it comes up in search engine results. Therefore, I wanted to blog about them so you can get in on them as well!

1) Woodle: This website helps create word clouds which help you determine which words are the most frequently used on your website. The website is fairly easy to understand. It gives you two options of making word clouds. In the first option, you simply make a list of the keywords and it makes the word cloud for you. For the second option, I entered the URL of my blog in the space provided and made a word cloud of the most frequently used words on my blog. This is very useful because word clouds can help you tag specific keywords to your blog, which increases your chances of showing up in search engine results!

2) Keyword Finder: If you’re like me and have trouble coming up with keywords for your pages, keyword finder is the tool for you. This website is also very easy to understand. Simply add a term that you would like to add to tag your pages and it searches the web to find significant keywords for that term, extracts them form the 50 most successful pages and returns them to you sorted by frequency. It could not be more easy!

Happy Keyword Hunting!

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